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Our Journey with Postman Joe’s Paxtore App

With a slight delay, Mint Innovations would like to share the history of our successful collaboration with Postman Joe project that resulted in the deployment of an updated Paxtore app.


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Last mile delivery

The “last mile” is the final stage of the delivery process, when packages are transported from the distribution hub to the ultimate destination,
that is typically a residence, business, or parcel terminal. It’s usually the most challenging part of the delivery process that involves navigating the urban area and dealing with unpredicted circumstances.


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Smart lockers for food retail

The demand for faster and more efficient delivery methods is growing.
This is where smart lockers for grocery come into the game. What’s smart locker for food retail?
Why it is also called the grocery or food locker?
In this blog post, we’ll try to explore all benefits of smart lockers for food retail.


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3 ways the LOKO API solution can benefit your business

Modern business challenges require quick and convenient ways to deliver goods to the consumer.
That’s the reason parcel lockers gain popularity, as they provide a comfy and safe environment for receiving orders.
How to manage such complex system and ensure its seamless 24/7 operation?
One possible solution is to use API technologies.


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Brief History of Parcel Lockers

In this post, we will explore the fascinating history of parcel lockers, trace their evolution from the first prototypes and mail boxes to the latest parcel locker models…


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Parcel lockers for DIY segment

The rapid growth of online sales in the DIY segment stimulates  retailers to find more practical and less time-consuming methods to order and pick up items. Long lines at the cash desk area can negatively impact customer experience…


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We’re back from EuroShop 2023

MINT Innovations team had the opportunity to work at the booth together with our partner –  Modern Expo company. The creative concept of the stand impressed visitors with its size, design and incredible installations…


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Come to see us at EuroShop 2023

Mint Innovations is going to take part in the largest exhibition of equipment, infrastructure, advertising technology, sales and trade in – EuroShop 2023!


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Integrated Drupal module for our API

Recently, we came up with the idea to implement an integrated module on Drupal to facilitate the integration for sites running on Drupal, which is a hugely popular open source CMS. In particular …


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Parcel locker software: from A to Z

MINT Innovations is the company that since 2018 has been developing and implementing the cutting-edge high-tech software solutions for managing large parcel locker networks …


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