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Media Expert: Business-case description

Parcel lockers become an integral part of the click-and-collect service model. The networks of automated parcel terminals expand worldwide at a tremendous tempo.    

We, at Mint Innovations, develop industry-changing software, especially for businesses with click-and-collect service models. With a focus on digital technologies, our solutions ensure a streamlined and convenient experience for all stakeholders involved in the click-and-collect supply chain. LOKO APP currently manages over 600,000 boxes of parcel lockers in 14 countries. We`re glad to share another successful case in our portfolio.  

In 2023, together with Modern Expo team, we piloted the project for MediaExpert, Poland. It is worth mentioning that it`s the leading electronics retailer in Poland with over 500 stores. Modern Expo manufactured parcel lockers for MediaExpert. Such parcel lockers were branded and called ME Boxes. Mint Innovations provided a turnkey LOKO APP solution to manage the parcel locker network and deliver orders to happy MediaExpert customers. LOKO APP has a feature set that can easily adjust to end-user requirements. Therefore, our team tuned the user interface of parcel lockers to improve brand awareness and ensure a smooth customer experience.  

With LOKO onboard, MediaExpert delivery staff can use the access credentials at the parcel terminal to cover general courier operations: place new, relocate or pick up outdated parcels.     

As a result of our cooperation with Media Expert, 6 parcel lockers were installed at different locations across the country. MeBox users already pick up orders in Warsaw, Lodz, Olsztyn, Szczecin, and Gliwice. With LOKO APP onboard, Media Expert reached the number of 4000 orders picked up from parcel lockers and it`s just the beginning of the journey.    

Mint Innovations always keeps its finger on the pulse of fresh retail tendencies, market trends and business demands to create cutting-edge software solutions and transform click and collect experience. Stay tuned for our blog updates! 

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